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The 5-Step Gameplan Our Clients Use To Wipe Out Fears, Eliminate Anxiety, Anger and Burnout and Finally Be Free with the Power of Hypnotherapy & Self-Hypnosis

(and without years of talk therapy, medications and endless self-help)

I am now feeling very free, letting go of a lot of things I didn’t even know were buried in my subconscious… My income tripled within a year and a half and I am on a trajectory to do it again. My relationship with my wife has tremendously improved… And it also extended into relationships at work, learning how to navigate all the different personalities and perspectives in a way that is productive, healthy and fun.”

Gabriel's Story

I was able to make changes in my life that created more peace and happiness. Alex was also able to help me become mentally stronger and confident in my sports. I completed my first half marathon top 3 in my division, was able to place in crossFit competitions and hit personal records on my weightlifting with the tools he provided. He certainly helped me on many levels and recommend anyone looking for a change for the better to reach out immediately and start your journey with him."

I was always in constant panic and did not know what to do with my career, family, and life itself.

Cassie's Journey




I was stuck... I am definitely feeling much more powerful, much more confident in a lot of ways. Much happier, lighter… I learned how to understand myself better. I would absolutely recommend it highly to anyone who is really searching for themselves."

Donna's Story

Certified Consulting Hypnotist (NGH)

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (IAIH - International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists)

Certified 5-PATH Master Hypnotist and the 7th-Path Self-Hypnosis® Teacher (NGH & 5-PATH IAHP - International Association of Hypnosis Professionals)

Certified Professional Hypnosis Instructor (NGH and 5-PATH)


Certified Clinical Hypnotist Specializing in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy (Wellness Institute)

Certified Master Practitioner of NLP (Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Certified Trainer in HNLP Brain-Based Leadership and Training (The International Institute of HNLP and Hypnosis)

Certified HeartMath Coach and Mentor (HeartMath Institute)

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*Disclaimer: Medical, mental health or dental conditions are only treated by the prescription, referral, supervision or direction of the appropriate licensed practitioner of the healing arts as pertaining to Florida Hypnosis Law. Individual results may vary.


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