"Hypnosis is a gateway to living in the Flow."

Alex Fidelman

Our mission is to empower individuals to achieve flow states by balancing emotions, reactions, and behaviors and eliminate negative programming through advanced hypnosis and neuroscience-based programs, fostering profound positive changes within the subconscious mind. Utilizing the latest neuroscience and backed by extensive clinical experience, we ensure a nurturing, supportive environment. With both in-person and online sessions available, we make transformative care accessible to you, wherever you are. Embark on your journey towards your best self with us*.

At Hypnosis & Coaching For Better Life, we're proud to be recognized as one of the premier and the highest rated full-time, full-service hypnotherapy practices in South Florida and across the USA.

Embark on Your Transformation Journey!

In this brief video, Alex Fidelman, CCHt offers a hypnotherapist's perspective on why positive thinking is often ineffective and explains how transformational hypnotherapy differs.

Positive thinking or hypnosis?

Clinical hypnosis is truly a life changing experience. It is not what Hollywood or the media portrays it to be. It does not make you sleep, it helps you wake up. Hypnosis is a gateway to Flow, the optimal state of being. It allows you to transform your limitations created by the past trauma and drama at the root cause level and to achieve the level of confidence, inner peace and clarity like never before.

Hypnosis is often misunderstood by those who have not experienced it firsthand under the guidance of a qualified hypnotist in a live, one-on-one setting.

What is Hypnosis?

Gabriel NOBOA

I am now feeling very free, letting go of a lot of things I didn’t even know were buried in my subconscious… My income tripled within a year and a half and I am on a trajectory to do it again. My relationship with my wife has tremendously improved… And it also extended into relationships at work, learning how to navigate all the different personalities and perspectives in a way that is productive, healthy and fun... This is better than any book you can read, video course you can watch, this cuts through all the fluff and targets the root changes needed for you to have clarity, change, and alignment with your true self. I highly recommend working with Alexander.

Thanks to this program - I had a breakthrough!

As we navigate through 2024, the tide of stress, anxiety, and burnout has become the most significant challenge many of us face, impacting our daily lives and overall health. Our hypnotherapy solutions provide a haven for those seeking relief and transformation from these overwhelming pressures. Click the link below to learn how our innovative approaches can assist you in finding calm, stability, and strength. Embark with us on a transformative journey to overcome the adversities of today, moving towards a future filled with tranquility and empowerment.

stress, anxiety, burnout.

Biggest Issue of 2024

Certified Consulting Hypnotist (NGH)

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (IAIH - International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists)

Certified 5-PATH Master Hypnotist and the 7th-Path Self-Hypnosis® Teacher (NGH & 5-PATH IAHP - International Association of Hypnosis Professionals)

Certified Professional Hypnosis Instructor (NGH and 5-PATH)

Certified Clinical Hypnotist Specializing in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy (Wellness Institute)

Certified Master Practitioner of NLP (Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Certified Trainer in HNLP Brain-Based Leadership and Training (The International Institute of HNLP and Hypnosis)

Certified HeartMath Coach and Mentor (HeartMath Institute)

Leading our team of expert hypnotists and coaches, alex fidelman is a master hypnotherapist with 15 years of experience in guiding others to create massive breakthroughs.


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