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For ANY issues related to emotional health and well-being: anxiety, doubts, fears, anger (at others or yourself), depression, burnout, ability to handle stress, self-sabotage, feeling of unworthiness, any emotional imbalance and/or ANY traumatic experiences of the past as well as any changes to habits or behaviors (except for tobacco smoking/vaping - see below), please click here.

emotional and behavioral issues

If you are a smoker and would like to quit smoking cigarettes, cigars or stop vaping nicotine ONLY, this scheduling option is for you. We call this process Smoking Cessation. It does NOT include working on any other issues related to emotional well-being or other habits. To schedule your Smoking Cessation consultation, please click here.


For all other issues - if it is not listed above - or if you are not even sure how to explain your situation and what kind of help you need, please click here. This could be related to any self-improvement, finding your passion, purpose or simply creating more confidence and joy in life.