to have more CLARITY and confidenCE, ENerGY AND FLOW? Heck yeah!

wouldn't it feel

Are you sick and tired of waking up each day feeling...







After years of traditional therapy, even resorting to medications, self-help books, guided meditations, and life coaching, an overwhelming 99% of our clients share a common revelation: they've never reached the root cause of their limitations, nor experienced genuine transformation at the subconscious level.

Traditional methods are designed to help you manage negative emotions—such as anxiety, anger, and sadness. But consider this: do you want to spend your life managing these emotions, or do you prefer to release them from the very core of your subconscious mind, addressing the root cause directly?

You're prepared to rewire your neuro-physiology, to cultivate confidence and motivation, and to access your core intelligence. Your aim is to become centered, resilient, and empowered.

How can this profound change be achieved? Through an immensely powerful combination of clinical hypnotherapy and neuroscience-based conditioning.

The solution is right in front of you. You just have to choose it.

But before we delve into how it all works, let's talk about the problem...


here's the problem...

and break free from stress, overwhelm and anxiety, but HOW?

Do you ever feel anxious, stressed, worried or overwhelmed? Do you get this feeling of uneasiness in your chest, knots and tightness in your stomach or nervous tension anywhere in your body?

Do you ever doubt yourself, feeling unworthy, powerless and weak? Feeling like you are not enough, less than or insignificant, knowing you are not realizing your potential?

Do you ever "lose it" because of anger bottled up inside lashing out at co-workers and family and then regret it, feeling guilty? Do you then blame yourself for not being loving and compassionate through your words and actions towards the people you love?

Do you ever feel anxious and nervous before an important meeting or presentation, trying to show up confident and focused, but feeling like you have no control over your mind and body?

Do you feel that you can't let go of negative thought loops and empty your mind? Do you ever stay awake for hours trying to fall asleep fighting internal chatter box, anxiety and nervousness?

Does this sound like you?

the problem

And the Big Question Is:



There is Good News:

  • Finally experience what true emotional freedom feels like by releasing the past negative subconscious programming directly at the root cause level.
  • Feel empowered, limitless and unstoppable because worrying, nervousness and overthinking will be a thing of the past (even if you’ve always been a worrier and lived with constant stress).
  • Communicate with people with confidence and ease, feeling vibrant and clear. 
  • Enjoy your relationships and feel present, connected and loving at home.
  • Feel the alignment of your brain and heart energy and be able to easily tap into your inner subconscious resources, intuition and perform at an optimal level.
  • Know how to code in any specific success you desire - on a deep subconscious level - in your finances, body, health and personal growth.
  • Be centered, focused, clear and finally live in Flow.

We Have a Proven Roadmap That Can Help You Wipe Out Overwhelm, Self-Doubts, Anger, Anxiety & Burnout and...

I was able to make changes in my life that created more peace and happiness. Alex was also able to help me become mentally stronger and confident in my sports. I completed my first half marathon top 3 in my division, was able to place in crossFit competitions and hit personal records on my weightlifting with the tools he provided. He certainly helped me on many levels and recommend anyone looking for a change for the better to reach out immediately and start your journey with him.

I was always in constant panic and did not know what to do with my career, family, and life itself.

My Journey




According to Alfred A. Barrios, PhD:
Psychoanalysis has a 38% recovery rate after 600 sessions. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): 72% recovery after 22 sessions. Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after 6 sessions.

To make this "recovery" permanent, we have combined hypnotherapy with neuroscience based techniques to fully embody the changes made through hypnosis and raise your emotional set-point or baseline. This approach utilizes what's known as neuroplasticity: ability of your nervous system to re-wire itself.

You might be wondering, "It works for other people, but will it work for me? And I've tried other therapies, self-help books, meditation, but nothing really worked..."

Imagine living a connected and empowered life.

Get to the root cause of your fears, doubts and limiting beliefs through clinical hypnotherapy. Master self-hypnosis and condition these changes into your neurology through a very unique and comprehensive system that creates the state of Flow: optimal performance of the mind and body.

A complete, comprehensive 8-week transformational journey


your roadmap through Hypnotherapy & Neuroscience to



A powerful framework to let go of negative emotions and 4 major limiting inner programs: wanting control, security, approval and separation. You will also learn how to drop endless negative thought loops and useless mind chatter to live at peace, even if it's never been possible before.

Mastering Letting Go


What you resist persists. We are all conditioned to resist our negative emotions. That creates tremendous stress and wear and tear in our neuro-physiology. You will internalize a powerful way to drop resistance and effortlessly accept the world and yourself

Dropping Resistance


This journey truly liberates you from hurt, fears, anger, guilt and disempowering programs created by past events, starting from early childhood. We call it "hypnotic inner child work". You will also go through a powerful forgiveness process to release any bottled up emotional pain and set yourself free.

Trauma Release


The 7th Path Self Hypnosis® gives you a simple yet powerful method to harness the power of your mind - more efficient than meditations. First you learn how to "empty the cup"; then - how to encode suggestions into the subconscious to program yourself for any success you desire. We will make sure you master self-hypnosis and will never need any outside help!

Self-Hypnosis Coaching


The FLOW Course: Level 1 and 2. Powerful neuroscience based course to create the heart-brain coherence - an optimal state of well-being and performance. Every week you will have access to a new video module and live online trainings facilitated by Alex Fidelman, CCHT (8 live weekly group hypno-coaching sessions via Zoom). 

8-Week Mastery Training


This offer includes 5 two hour one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions with a Certified Master Hypnotist, member of NGH and 5-PATH (five phase advanced transformational hypnosis), personally trained and supevised by Alex Fidelman, CCHt.

 Hypnotherapy Sessions


here's what we'll cover

What's inside

Gabriel NOBOA

I am now feeling very free, letting go of a lot of things I didn’t even know were buried in my subconscious… My income tripled within a year and a half and I am on a trajectory to do it again. My relationship with my wife has tremendously improved… And it also extended into relationships at work, learning how to navigate all the different personalities and perspectives in a way that is productive, healthy and fun... This is better than any book you can read, video course you can watch, this cuts through all the fluff and targets the root changes needed for you to have clarity, change, and alignment with your true self. I highly recommend working with Alexander.

Thanks to this program - I had a breakthrough!


Hypno-Flow Program FAQs

more information

Inner Balance Sensor & the app

will I need to buy any expensive supplies?

No. The only additional expense in this journey will be for the Inner Balance bio-feedback sensor to be used with the Flow Course exercises and give you real-time feedback from your body (currently sold for $199). You will see that your mind and body are one system and will learn how to change your state within minutes.

do i have to use the inner balance Sensor and the APp?

You don't have to use it, yet if you do, you will benefit greatly. It's very intuitive and does not require you to be tech savvy. Inner Balance sensor provides biofeedback and heart rate monitoring to help you manage your stress levels and improve emotional well-being. It provides real-time feedback to help you achieve a state of coherence, which is a balanced and harmonious physiological state.


Yes. If you would like to work on a diagnosed condition using hypnotherapy and any tools we teach you, you may need to get a referral from your doctor, which is a pretty straightforward process. 

what outcome should I expect from this course?

Releasing past trauma and bottled up sadness, fear, anger, and guilt; wiping out self-doubts and negativity to raise self-esteem and confidence level; feeling more energy and vitality in your body; drastically improving your relationships; letting go of bad habits and becoming unstoppable in your career.  

BONUS #1: FLOW COURSE - Level 3: creating a powerful routine called Assets/Deficits and the Goal Process for subconscious priming (value $695)

BONUS #2: FLOW COURSE - Level 4: deepening the Goal Process and transforming relationships through the power of the subconscious (value $695)

BONUS #3: Access to 4 Additional Weeks of Live Group Hypno-Coaching Sessions on Zoom for the total of 12 weeks! All sessions are facilitated by Alex Fidelman, CCHt and you get 4 additional weeks of interacting with and getting coached by Alex directly (value $800)

BONUS #4: The initial Discovery/ Breakthrough Call personally with Alex Fidelman, CCHt to prepare you for the entire journey and prime your subconscious mind for your specific outcomes (value $425)

BONUS #5: One additional one-on-one hypnotherapy session with your designated hypnotherapist trained by Alex Fidelman, CCHt, for the total of 6 one-on-one sessions! (value $395)

BONUS #6: A one-on-one Core Transformation Hypnosis Session personally with Alex Fidelman, CCHt (2+ hours), for the total of 7 personalized one-on-one sessions. It means that you will have 2 people guiding you through the entire journey: your designated hypnotherapist (6 sessions) and Alex Fidelman with both one-on-one  (1 call and 1 session) and live group zoom sessions (value $895)

BONUS #7: Access to Private Facebook Group

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Abandon the dream of living your best life, for the actual reality of it with HYPNO-FLOW Transformational Program

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Most transformational coaching programs charge north of 5K for an 8-week process, not even offering individual sessions - only group support. And they don't offer hypnotherapy, which - in my 20 years of self-exploration and working with clients - has proven to be the only modality that really gets to the root cause of any issue!

Yet doing hypnotherapy alone without follow-up coaching and a powerful structure for conditioning and self mastery does not create permanent changes in your neurology and does not empower you to be independent, always making you need someone to guide you.

This journey is unique because it gives you both: powerful individual hypnotherapy based on the most advanced system in the world as well as an advanced hypno coaching model which teaches you how to master yourself and not rely on outside help.

After years of traditional therapy and self exploration, this process was a profound experience that provided me the best connection to my inner strength, which has enabled me to step into my own power and use it accordingly. I would highly recommend Alexander Fidelman, his knowledge, professionalism and humaness is exceptional. I was stuck. I am definitely feeling much more powerful, much more confident in a lot of ways. Much happier, lighter… I learned how to understand myself better. I would absolutely recommend it highly to anyone who is really searching for themselves.

I am definitely feeling much more powerful, much more confident in a lot of ways.



A powerful Hypnotherapy process that helps you transform on the subconscious level, at the root cause.

Mastering Self-Hypnosis
 to navigate your internal landscape and not to depend on any outside help.

Feeling connected and empowered, full of vibrant energy, motivation and drive. 

A powerful support structure
 to turn your life around in just 12 weeks. 

Step-by-step guidance through inner transformation that actually works instead of getting lost in endless podcasts, YouTube videos and self-help books.

A powerful Hypnotherapy process that helps you transform on the subconscious level, at the root cause.

Mastering Self-Hypnosis
 to navigate your internal landscape and not to depend on any outside help.

Feeling connected and empowered, full of vibrant energy, motivation and drive. 

A powerful support structure to turn your life around in just 12 weeks. 

Step-by-step guidance through inner transformation that actually works instead of getting lost in endless podcasts, youtube videos and self-help books.

This is what you’ll miss by not enrolling right now:

still on the fence?

I created this HYPNO-FLOW journey to empower you to be self-sufficient and not depend on us or any other therapist or coach in the future. This quest to connect neuroscience to the ancient art of hypnosis has become the most important work of my life.

I'm sharing all THE learnings from MY OWN 20 year JOURNEY so that you can live your best life!

As a Certified Professional Hypnosis Instructor, I've personally trained and selected the most talented, loving, supportive and masterful hypnotists who will be guiding you through your one-on-one sessions. And I will personally work with you every week during the journey in a small group setting live online to help you condition all the changes deeper in your neurology and answer all your questions.

As an added incentive, for a limited time only due to the bonus, I am excited to offer you a one-on-one hypnotic core transformation session. This will be complemented by an initial priming call with me personally that will set you on the path to your transformation.

I'm a certified clinical hypnotherapist, coach, trainer and father of 2 amazing boys - on a mission to spread love.

Alex Fidelman, CCHt

My Credentials

  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (IAIH - International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists)
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotist Specializing in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy (Wellness Institute)
  • Certified Consulting Hypnotist (NGH - National Guild of Hypnotists)
  • Certified 5-PATH Master Hypnotist and the 7th-Path Self-Hypnosis® Teacher (5-PATH IAHP - International Association of Hypnosis Professionals)
  • Certified Professional Hypnosis Instructor (NGH and 5-PATH)
  • Certified Master Practitioner of NLP (Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Certified Hypnotherapist, Master of Conversational Hypnosis (IAPCH - International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotists)
  • Certified Trainer in Brain-Based Leadership and Training (The International Institute of HNLP and Hypnosis)
  • Certified HeartMath Coach and Mentor (HeartMath Institute)

Total Value $8,750

Today's Special Offer $2995

12 Weekly Online Group Sessions
Heart-Brain Coherence Exercises 
Letting Go And Releasing Exercises
Access to Private Facebook Group

7 One-on-One Hypnotherapy Sessions 
The Hypno-WarmUp Preparatory Course
FLOW Course Level 1 & 2 + 3 & 4 (Bonus)
7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Coaching

The total value of this program is $8750 and for a limited time only we offer it at a huge discount to a small number of people to immediately gain access to:

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